High-Temperature DC-Link - Overview

DuPont Teijin Film is a well-known supplier of high-quality PET films and has been offering its unique PEN HVTM capacitor film over the past several years. This material is very interesting as it can operate well beyond 125C and offers a 30% higher dielectric constant than conventional polypropylene. Furthermore, this film demonstrates self-healing at elevated temperatures and is actually commercially available in meaningful quantities. The Advanced Conversion annular form factor is very well suited to this film and our specialty winding equipment enables making high-quality capacitors with it. We have a number of customers utilizing this film for electric vehicles, aerospace, and military applications where higher hotspot temperature offers a system-level advantage.

All of the capacitor/bus solution advantages discussed in the High-Performance DC-Link section can be easily applied to the PEN HVTM material. In many cases, the packaging, terminal, and bus hardware can be kept as originally designed with a simple substitution of windings using the high-temperature film such that no tooling changes are required. This modularity of the winding elements can be applied to achieving different capacitance values, voltage rating, and hotspot temperature limits within existing solutions. Advanced Conversion continues to work with suppliers of new capacitor films to evaluate materials and benchmark against polypropylene.

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