Monthly Archives: January 2023

Supplying Power Rings to the Laser Medical market – 10-year Anniversary

Candela Power Ring

Advanced Conversion is a strategic supplier to Candela Laser and their contracted manufacturers, Nypro Baja Healthcare Inc, dba. Jabil, Jabil Circuit, and Valtronic. Candela is a leading US-based global medical device company with headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. The company’s technologies enable physicians to provide advanced energy-based solutions for a broad range of medical-aesthetic applications. Advanced […]

A New India facility for TM4-Dana


Advanced Conversion has been supplying TM4-Dana China with our Power Ring DC Link Capacitors for Dana’s light-vehicle, commercial-vehicle, and off-highway customers, as showcased in this video. Our high-performance technology is a key enabler for the Sumo series of EV Powertrains. Dana TM4 is a joint venture between Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity producer […]

A New Partnership with NAC Semi

NAC Semi

Together with NAC Semi, Advanced Conversion has created a series of high-performance DC Link Capacitors that mechanically integrate into the Cissoid SiC Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). These capacitors offer low ESL and low ESR for fast-switching SiC transistors and for high power density. They also come with the option to mount the devices flexibly onto […]