A New Partnership with NAC Semi

NAC Semi

Together with NAC Semi, Advanced Conversion has created a series of high-performance DC Link Capacitors that mechanically integrate into the Cissoid SiC Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs).

These capacitors offer low ESL and low ESR for fast-switching SiC transistors and for high power density. They also come with the option to mount the devices flexibly onto the IPM.

With that technology, Cissoid created a 3-phase 1200V SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Module platform integrating the power switches and gate driver based on the CISSOID HADES2® chipset.

These modules address the need for high-power density converters offering a SiC power module operating at a high junction temperature (up to 175°C). This solution gives access to the full benefits of SiC technology to achieve high power density thanks to low switching losses and high-temperature operation.

The integration of the gate driver together with the power module offers a fully validated and optimized solution in terms of switching speed and losses, robustness against dI/dt and dV/dt and protection of the power stages (Desat, UVLO, AMC, SSD, anti-overlapping).

The platform includes 3 modules with pin fin AlSiC baseplate for liquid cooling with different current ratings allowing customers to find the best trade-off between cost, conductive, and switching losses. It also includes a flat AlSiC baseplate module for applications where liquid cooling is not an option.

Custom solutions are available by contacting Advanced Conversion at info [at] advanced-conversion.com or calling 1-802-661-3450 x101

Standard test kits are available through NAC Semi at www.nacsemi.com